How assess the need for change? How be sure that governance is in the interests of the organization?

«The future is not what’s going to happen, but what we make happen.». (Henri Bergson)

Innovation is the driving force of an enterprise. TIDO is a driver of change.
TIDO supports the agile business organization by defining new decision-making structures at Board level. We advocate change management supported by expertise and experience.

TIDO, The Independent Director’s Office, is a dedicated grouping of independent, certified and experienced professionals, whose focus is on corporate governance and value creation. Recommendations are implemented as the outcome internal discussion by our clients. Our clients make their own evaluation of the benefits of new approaches.

The initiators of change management are the stakeholders themselves. No easy task! Whether associates, directors, or board members, all must espouse change in themselves. Without new postures, there are no lasting results. One or more of the parties must quit their comfort zone. The stimulus for change is the appetite for change itself.

No single person is responsible for change management. In TIDO’s view, the balance of power in an enterprise is constantly fluctuating. It sweeps forward under its own impulse like a “breaking wave,” taking all with it. The potentially destructive wave requires an independent director is appointed from the outside, to surf it and so that the company is carried forward to positive outcomes.